Welcome to the Stanford Family Smartphone Study!

Are you a teen (13-17 years old) or the parent of a teen?

Would you like to be part of cutting-edge science?

Stanford University researchers are studying how parents and teenagers use smartphones. You can join a national study to understand smartphone use and its impact on health and society. 

At least one teen (13-17 years old) and at least one parent from your family are needed. Multiple teens and parents in your family are also invited to join. Participants need to be Android phone users and live in the United States.


Participation in the study involves:

  • Attend a Zoom enrollment meeting with a researcher,

  • Install our app on your phone,

  • Keep the app running and contributing data for 6 months, and

  • Complete brief surveys every two weeks.


Each participant will receive up to $125 in e-gift cards for their time and effort. If you withdraw from the study for any reason, we may offer partial compensation based on your participation. 


Once installed and activated, our app will automatically record how you use your smartphone and send the data to secure servers approved by Stanford to protect your privacy. All your data will be kept confidential and will only be used for research purposes. It will not be sold or shared for commercial purposes.  

Privacy Statement

To learn more about this study, please view the consent form for parents (link) and/or the assent form for teens (link). This study was approved by the Stanford University Administrative Panel on Human Subjects in Medical Research. If you have any questions about participation in this project, please email us at familysmartphone@stanford.edu or call us at (650) 724-5790.

Protocol Director

Thomas Robinson, MD, MPH

Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine

Stanford University

Contact: familysmartphone@stanford.edu | (650) 724-5790

Our Team

Thomas Robinson, MD, MPH
Xiaoran Sun, PhD
Kimberly Nielsen

Participant’s rights questions? Call 1-866-680-2906.